Our planet needs our help now more than ever. Modern civilization is in crisis in many ways. The future of our world is in active collaboration with natural habitat. Many of the problems of our age can be overcome by mastering the skills of managing the natural mechanisms of energy conversion, development and reproduction. We can live in peace and harmony with our planet, and not in constant struggle. We help people to establish a dialogue with nature and create their own ideal world. Each such piece of land will become a part of the beautiful world of the future.

How it works

If you want to make your contribution to saving the planet from climate and environmental catastrophe, and for one, create yourself and your children a place for a sustainable and harmonious life. Do you have even a tiny piece of land? Write us. Desribe the main parameters of the site (location, area, relief) and what transformations you want to do. Plant a forest garden, create an autonomous energy system, decorate the site with biostructures or make a comprehensive design of the territory. We will clarify the details online, together with you we will choose the direction of development.

All drawings and photos on the site are made by hand and are private property of @sibirkoart and @irvituz.