Edible forest garden for a luxurious yoga retreat in Lovcen National Park. Montenegro.

Lovcen National Park is the pride of Montenegro. From its beautiful mountains in clear weather you can see the Italian coast and half of the Balkans. On the slopes of Lovcen, there is the luxury yoga retreat Ashuma. It is located on the site of the former richest estate in the area. An ideal place to harmonize body and soul and nature. Wonderful views in all directions, clean air and water, mountain routes in the surrounding area, places for meditation, as well as a gym, dining room and comfortable tents with modern infrastructure. The owners with soul and care approaches all aspects of his business and thinks over everything to the smallest detail.

Zelenstroy will also invest a part of its labor and soul into this splendor and will equip an ecological permaculture forest garden to feed the guests and hosts of Ashuma. There will be mixed walnut and fruit plantings in the garden. This will balance the soil and avoid pests and diseases of fruit plants. Self-fertilizing vegetable beds will be located on the sunny side. We will plant thorny berry bushes along the perimeter of the site, which will create the privacy of the space and provide raw materials for jams and juices. Throughout the retreat territory, we will create small flower beds with seasonal flowers, which will replace each other and delight eyes throughout the all season. The project also includes a crater garden with a pond, aquatic plants and water birds. We will also build a temazkal – an Indian folk bath made of stone. In general, there is a lot of space for activity. Come and see for yourself.

1 apple

2 plum 

3 apricot

4 pomgranade

5 cherry

6 mandarin

7 limon

8 walnut

9 hazelnut

10 almond

11 pistachio

12 olive

13 boxtree

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