Arboretum in the Tver region. Russia.

Udomelsky region of the Tver region is located on the border of the deciduous forest zone and taiga. Sustainable biotope in our territory can develop in any direction. It is planned to create an arboretum on the basis of a grove in Venetsianov Square, which will personify the border of these communities. We will divide the grove into 2 parts in each of which we will gather representatives of the taiga and broad-leaved forests from the entire region. In the northern part of the park we will plant a barrier screen made of blue spruces, which will protect the park from the cold northern winds and improve the microclimate of the site as a whole. Under the protection of the screen at an elevation, we lay a fruit garden of local varieties. In the eastern part, we organize recreation areas for citizens with benches and gazebos and lay a stone garden. Along the perimeter of the park, we will make a coniferous hedge of prickly trees that easily tolerate pruning. Such as dogrose, hawthorn, sea buckthorn, different types of spruce. She will protect the park and attract birds. On the border of the park and in the deciduous zone we will place honey bees. We introduce nitrogen-fixing plants in all biotopes to increase soil fertility. The arboretum will decorate the look of the city and will delight residents and welcome guests. The park can be used to educate schoolchildren. He will collect a variety of plant species, princes and insects.

LAfter the formation of stable biotopes, the second stage of the project will be replanting of rare and red-book plants.

Outline sketch of arboretum.

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