The new orchard

The vocation of man on this earth is to be a gardener. Create your own Garden of Eden in the image and likeness of God. Nature is our teacher, nature is our temple.
The most efficient way to manage a household is to use natural mechanisms for the benefit of yourself and the environment. Not to fight, but to cooperate. This is the concept of a happy future for all of humanity.
Permaculture in action. The fluffy cute pigs have done a great job in the previous year. They dug up and fertilized the southwestern slope of the site. And all this without the cost of additional energy and environmental pollution! The orientation of the slope will allow the accumulation of more solar energy and create a favorable local microclimate. Now on this place there will be an orchard of almost 100 trees. We followed the alternation of varieties and species when planting trees. There is no one of the same variety and species nearby. This is done to limit the spread of diseases and pests. Every third tree is a nitrogen fixer. Ground cover crops and honey plants are planted between the rows of trees. And the pigs went to work on the next plot.

Everybody tired

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