Green office

Most people in big cities work in offices with computers. There are also other factors of the urban environment: inactivity, air pollution, electromagnetic radiation. All these factors negatively affect human health. The workers’ health worsens, their eyesight deteriorates, efficiency decreases. Also stress increases, which gives rise to conflicts in the team. The air of urban spaces constantly contains particles of harmful volatile organic compounds – trichlorethylene, benzene, ammonia and others. Plants are able to neutralize indoor air pollution and enrich air with oxygen.

Our company offers the arrangement of “green offices”. These are places where people can relax during the working day, tending to plants. Get away from the hustle and bustle. Get some fresh air. And not just fresh, but with the aroma of medicinal herbs, which will strengthen the immune system and reduce the incidence. Certain plants release phytoncides into the air that destroy pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Some plants secrete substances that increase brain activity, others have a positive effect on the psyche. The number of work conflicts is significantly reduced. Beautiful flowering plants are pleasing to the eye, boosts mood and increases employee productivity. Communication with nature strengthens health very well and harmonizes the psyche. These “green offices” are essentially psychological offices without a psychologist.

Green offices can be of different types.
Phytotherapeutic – filled with pleasant and healthy aromas of flowers and herbs. You can hold meetings in such places. This contributes to the productivity of the participants and prevents the spread of viruses.
Medicinal – with plants that employees can use on a daily basis for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.
Edible – contains organic vegetables, berries and fruits to supplement the workers’ diet with healthy food.
Bird gardens – At an open area we can create an attractive environment for songbirds. It has been scientifically proven that bird song has a positive effect on the human psyche. If desired, you can combine different directions in one project.

The project can also include a protective screen for the “green office”. It does not allow any electromagnetic radiation to pass through, even a phone signal. This allows you to completely get rid of the negative influence of the urban environment and effectively recuperate.

Green offices can be located on rooftops, in office areas and even inside offices. The cost of setting up these premises will quickly pay off by increasing employee productivity. After all, happy and healthy people work much more efficiently.

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