3D modeling

When designing a landscape, it is very important that the image of the site between the designer and the customer match. This is achieved through sketches, topographical planning and computer modeling. 3D modeling helps to create the most complete picture of the upcoming work. Plan zoning and main viewpoints. Calculate the volume of construction and planting materials. The set of project documentation provided by our company includes 3D modeling of the site and a virtual walk through the future garden.

For example, the visualization of our current project for an eco-hotel in Georgia. At the first stage, we create a lounge area with a pool and bar. Thuja hedges along the boundaries of the zone create the privacy of the space and improve the microclimate of the site. The lounge area is fenced off from the pool area with lavender-rosemary curtains. The sectors of the lounge area, are delimited by decorative palm trees. The visualization is superimposed on a satellite image of the area.

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