Restaurant yard in Asureti, Geogia.

The courtyard of the restaurant is conceived as a multifunctional space. On ordinary days, it serves as a resting place in the shade of trees and a playground for children while their parents are sitting in a restaurant. This zone can also work as an event space, changing for a specific type of event.
We have an alpine hill with evergreens, medicinal, aromatic and ground cover rock plants.
On the south side, on the border, we plant a mixed hedge from Thúja occidentális with red barberry accents. In the fence, we implant a chain-link mesh in order to prevent accidental and intentional penetration through the fence to the neighboring area.
The areas along the southern walls of the restaurant are most exposed to the sun and heat, so we form communities of sun-loving and drought-tolerant plants in these places. Rosemary, thyme, laurel, local mountain plants
Directly under the walls of the building, in a shaded area, we will plant ivy so that it creates natural patterns as it climbs the wall.
Swings, a trampoline, and other children’s entertainment will be located under the shade of a large tree.
A gravel path runs through the entire area so that guests can move comfortably even in wet weather.
Street lighting combined with designer landscape lighting. The walls of the restaurant are illuminated with warm yellow light. This spectrum evokes feelings of comfort, security and appetite. The lamps are located between the row of plants and the wall. They illuminate both the wall and the plants from the back, creating beautiful contrasting silhouettes and interesting shadows on the ground of the yard. The white color of the walls effectively reflects the light and additionally illuminates the courtyard of the restaurant. Illumination of the canopy wall can be done with the same yellow lamps or LED strip attached under the roof extension of the canopy. A garland with round bulbs goes along the fence from the restaurant. It highlights the art on the surface of the fence and creates a light transition to the hedge. The color composition, sculpture and children’s area are illuminated by directional lights from red through purple to blue. Such spectra blend harmoniously into each other and create a magical atmosphere in the outdoor recreation area.

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