Phyto room for green office project

How nice it is when the office has a space in which employees can relax with health benefits. Drink tea, take meal in a room full of beautiful and useful plants. In this project, we show how you can use various functional and design elements of green cabinets.

At the entrance to the office there is a “green tunnel” (1) made of different types of climbing plants. In addition to the fact that it looks magical, it also functions as a biological sanitary gateway from specially selected plants that absorb formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide well, purify the air of allergens and release phytoncides that suppress viruses. We cover the corners of the room with large plants to hide the straight lines and corners of the artificial environment. In the left corner at the exit of the tunnel, a palm tree (2). Dracaena or chamedorea they neutralize formaldehyde vapors, so they are perfect for rooms with stretch ceilings and chipboard furniture. Along the window we have various filter plants (3) ficus, dieffenbachia, spathiphyllum, azalea. The part of the office to the right of the window is decorated in the form of bamboo thickets (4), a green wall (5) and a space with a lawn (6) where people can relax on beanbags (7) surrounded by plants that have a positive effect on the psyche and stimulate the brain. Gerbera, geranium, lavender, rosemary, motherwort. In the middle of the room is a tea table with everything you need to brew and drink different types of tea. Fragrant and medicinal plants (8) grow against the wall next to the table, which purify the air and enrich it with useful essential oils. You can always pick a fragrant twig and add flavor and benefits to your drinks. Next to the tea table is good to have a lemon tree(9). It will fill the air with an amazing citrus scent, so you can skip air fresheners. In addition, lemon leaves release phytoncides, sterilizing the space around them. Above the table there is a hanging flower bed (10) with beautiful ferns and loaches that purify the air from chemical pollution and dust.

Regular visits to such a room will positively affect the productivity of employees and the atmosphere in the team.


green tunnel


palm tree


filtration plants




green wall


artificial lawn


bean bags


Aromatic herbs


lemon tree


air bed

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