“Middle Russian Garden” in the Moscow region

The idea of this garden is to use plants from the local climate, thereby showing the beauty of the Russian landscape, which was sung by many poets and painters, and at the same time getting a highly productive biotope that can provide a significant part of the family’s need for organic nutrition.

The entrance group at the house plays the role of a sanitary lock. Plants growing around the carport actively filter the air from formaldehyde and oil vapors, disinfect it with phytoncides and have a calming effect on the smell of essential oils. Do not rush to immediately run into the house after you have arrived from the city, first cleanse yourself of the city’s dirt and fuss with the help of natural biofilters. Take a walk in the garden, smell the flowers, interact with the plants.

We saturate the garden with beautiful and productive crops. Fruit, fruit, berry trees and shrubs planted according to permaculture principles form the basis of the design. Don’t forget to add evergreen accents to bring greenery to the garden at any time of the year. Dried cereals and creepers also bring additional beauty to the winter garden.

On the site there is a reservoir in which you can swim after the bath and plant aquatic plants. From the soil that we get when digging a reservoir, we will make a hilly ridge separating the garden zone from the bath zone. Permacultural approaches in the design of this site maximize the use of the area of ​​the site and local natural patterns. When doing the design in kind, we will describe all the permaculture tricks of this project. Keep for updates)

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