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Transform your outdoor space into a mesmerizing wonderland with landscape lighting! Whether it’s a cozy backyard, a vibrant garden, or a majestic front yard, the right lighting can work wonders. Highlight Natural Beauty: Showcase your stunning trees, plants, and garden features after sunset. Let their beauty shine day and night! Create Ambiance: Set the perfect […]

Permaculture fire resistant

The climate is changing. More and more people find themselves in dangerous living conditions associated with high temperatures and fire danger. The probability of “very large fires” is predicted to increase annually. This is primarily due to the lengthening of fire periods with a general increase in temperature throughout the planet. Forests burn out faster […]

“Middle Russian Garden” in the Moscow region

The idea of this garden is to use plants from the local climate, thereby showing the beauty of the Russian landscape, which was sung by many poets and painters, and at the same time getting a highly productive biotope that can provide a significant part of the family’s need for organic nutrition. The entrance group […]

Glamping Tago in Ajarian mountains. Georgia.

Glamping Tago is a wonderful place in the Ajarian mountains. Fresh air, incredible nature, and the tastiest veggie kitchen in the region. It’s located on the top of the hill almost in the naked place. In our project, we need to provide shadow, a windbreaker system, evergreen, and edible biodiversity. We delimit tents with green […]