The traditional construction from eco-materials.

We use a synthesis of modern technologies and technologies of our ancestors to create reliable and durable structures made of wood, stone, clay and earth. We build log houses, foundations, bathhouses, cellars, roofs, arbors and much more.

Dome buildings.

The sphere is the most effective natural form. Compared to a rectangular house, the domed house has 30% less surface area. A domed house saves building materials by a third compared to a rectangular house. The materials for creating a domed house take less and at the same time they are 5 times stronger than a classical house due to the architecture and construction of the frame. And the external coating in combination with the form allows heat to pass through and keeps it indoors, which helps its owner save about 30% of the average heating and electricity bill. Natural forms are rounded, smooth, without corners. Therefore, domed houses look very natural in natural landscapes. Such buildings are suitable not only for living, but also for household needs, greenhouses, warehouses, etc.


Unique material in many ways. Eco-friendly, strong, durable, low thermal conductivity, fire resistant. Opens wide scope for exterior and interior design.

Alive constructions.

Amazing structures can be created from bioplastic tree species. Pergolas, galleries, event spaces. They will become an exquisite decoration of your site. Unique spaces for creativity with positive natural energy. Over time, these constructions only grow and become stronger.

House on a tree

It’s a good variant for children, for private space or for eco-hotel accommodation. We can built tree houses even without trees!

Buildings of zero consumption

The main idea of sustainable living is Reduce Reuse Recycle. Less consumption, more creation! What you can’t consume and reuse, you can recycle in to useful materials, resources or energy. We beleve that human can build a propper house and beautiful living environment only from resources and materials nearby. And we can proof it!