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“Middle Russian Garden” in the Moscow region

The idea of this garden is to use plants from the local climate, thereby showing the beauty of the Russian landscape, which was sung by many poets and painters, and at the same time getting a highly productive biotope that can provide a significant part of the family’s need for organic nutrition. The entrance group […]

Glamping Tago in Ajarian mountains. Georgia.

Glamping Tago is a wonderful place in the Ajarian mountains. Fresh air, incredible nature, and the tastiest veggie kitchen in the region. It’s located on the top of the hill almost in the naked place. In our project, we need to provide shadow, a windbreaker system, evergreen, and edible biodiversity. We delimit tents with green […]

Biofiltration ponds

What to do with gray household waste? This question arises for all owners of private houses. Dirty water from the sink, washing machine and shower can be effectively cleaned without complex septic tanks and without harm to the environment.Biofiltration ponds are the solution to the problem. Unlike septic tanks, ponds are not dependent on electricity. […]

The new orchard

The vocation of man on this earth is to be a gardener. Create your own Garden of Eden in the image and likeness of God. Nature is our teacher, nature is our temple.The most efficient way to manage a household is to use natural mechanisms for the benefit of yourself and the environment. Not to […]

Edible forest garden for a luxurious yoga retreat in Lovcen National Park. Montenegro.

Lovcen National Park is the pride of Montenegro. From its beautiful mountains in clear weather you can see the Italian coast and half of the Balkans. On the slopes of Lovcen, there is the luxury yoga retreat Ashuma. It is located on the site of the former richest estate in the area. An ideal place […]

Sun-garden for Pachamama eco yoga retreat in Montenegro.

There is a very cozy place not far from the town of Kotor. In the village of Ukroptsy, there is an ecofarm-retreat-camping, and in general, a very blissful place – Pachamama. All this is organized by the wonderful guys Zoe and Pasha. They are very friendly to receive guests and share their emotions and delicious […]