Green office

Most people in big cities work in offices with computers. There are also other factors of the urban environment: inactivity, air pollution, electromagnetic radiation. All these factors negatively affect human health. The workers’ health worsens, their eyesight deteriorates, efficiency decreases. Also stress increases, which gives rise to conflicts in the team. The air of urban spaces constantly contains particles of harmful volatile organic compounds – trichlorethylene, benzene, ammonia and others. Plants are able to neutralize indoor air pollution and enrich air with oxygen.

Our company offers the arrangement of “green offices”. These are places where people can relax during the working day, tending to plants. Get away from the hustle and bustle. Get some fresh air. And not just fresh, but with the aroma of medicinal herbs, which will strengthen the immune system and reduce the incidence. Certain plants release phytoncides into the air that destroy pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Continue reading in our blog.


Don’t worry if you don’t have a big manor. We can realize your garden dreams even on the tiny peace of roof or wall. Roof garden is a good way to get your own space for many types of activities. Remote work, yoga, meditation, friends meeting, art and others. Aditionally you can obtain good veggies, berries and spices to your dinner.

Take a look at our roof Lounge roof garden in Amsterdam.


Our company can create Dendroparks. Arboretums are open-air living museums. Using the principles of small-patterning and permaculture, we create sustainable biotopes filled with native and exotic plants. Such places can be used by city dwellers for walks, recreation and nature observation. We can also create specialized arboretums for schools and universities. Such objects help in the study of natural sciences and increase the interest of students in the problems of ecology and the preservation of biodiversity.

Arboretum in Tver region. Russia.