Renewable energy

We need energy for creation. Energy is everywhere. We will teach you how to effectively use the energy potential of your site, minimize energy consumption due to modernization and temporary separation of consumers. Reduce the burden on the environment, create a waste recycling.

1. Programming of effective consumption

We will teach you smart consumption. Distribute the load more evenly throughout the day. We modernize consumers and optimize energy costs. Smart House. Passive heating.

2. Mini Hidro Electryc Power Plant

If there is enough water in the area, we will install a hydroelectric power station without violating the natural ecosystem. They are installed on any rivers or streams and produce mechanical (mills, pumps, machine tools, etc.) and electrical energy. Excess energy is converted to hydrogen through electrolysis plants. Hydrogen is stored in a gaseous or liquid state. If you have at least a small brook in your territory, you can use it for lighting. Water energy is currently the most efficient, safe and environmentally friendly to use. Micro Turbine. Hydroelectric Power Station. 

3. Solar energy.

We use free sun energy at maximumin our technological processes. There is enough solar energy anywhere in the world to use it for our own purposes. For example, for heating a house, greenhouse or shower. The potential of solar energy is huge: the Earth’s surface is irradiated by 120 thousand terawatts of sunlight, and this is 20 thousand times higher than the global demand for energy. The sun provides humanity with a renewable energy source without toxic pollution. Unlike fossil fuels, the production of which greatly affects water resources and ecosystem sustainability. Solar energy is one of the most important elements in solving the problem of global warming. This alternative energy source will replace carbon-intensive heat sources to effectively combat the greenhouse effect. Solar collectors. Solar stations. Solar traps.

4. Biogas plants

We solve problems of processing organic waste and production of natural gas. Farms and households always have waste from cattle, pigs, birds, as well as waste from plants. Their constantly growing volumes create a number of problems in their collection, transportation, storage, processing. The presence of this waste creates an unfavorable environmental situation associated with pollution of the environment, groundwater and soil. Wherever there is regular organic raw material, it is possible to extract gas from it, and to have effective and clean fertilizer at the exit. We help to select raw materials for Biogas Plant. BP-20. Bacterial sewage treatment.

5. Pyrolysis plants.

The most efficient plants for assimilating and storing solar energy are trees. If you have access to firewood or land for growing industrial forests, then pyrolysis plants in combination with agroforestry will serve as an inexhaustible source of thermal and electric energy. Pyrolysis is a process in which a combustible CO gas is formed in a gas generator during the thermal decomposition of firewood under conditions of oxygen deficiency. 1 kg of wood produces enough CO gas to generate 1 kWh of electricity. This gas burns completely in the generator without smoke and odor. PP30.

6. Comprehensive solutions for energy independence

An integrated approach to solving energy problems is always more effective. If you pre-design the capacity and location of generators and consumers, depending on local resources, you can save a lot of energy and money in the future. We will teach you how to use all the possible energies of your site. We adjust the local energy at the scale of a community or a whole settlement. With a sufficient amount of energy resources, you can build a surplus energy system and earn on the sale of energy carriers – electricity and gas.