How it started

Get up in the morning, wash your face, put yourself in order – and immediately put your planet in order.
– The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

My name is Sibirko Artyom, I am a landscape architect. I have loved nature since childhood. I have always wanted to connect my life with outdoor work for the benefit of people and the environment. Before, I didn’t know how to put it together and went the “reliable” way – graduated in the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University with a degree in energy engineering. After that, I got a job at a nuclear power plant. But nature pulled me to itself. I spent a lot of time in the countryside on agricultural and construction experiments. I graduated from the Tver Agricultural Academy as an agronomist. Acquired and equipped my land. Meanwhile, I traveled around Russia and climbed mountains.

Observing life in the village and studying agronomy at the academy, I realized that the modern approach to agriculture consumes more resources than it produces. This approach leads to gradual degradation and pollution of soils and landscape erosion. I was worried about the question of how to make agriculture more efficient, safer, more environmentally friendly? And I began to study the natural mechanisms of sustainable interaction. I studied the works of the fathers of permaculture and the practice of life on earth. I dreamed of changing the world… But in order to change the world, you must first see it.

In India, I saw mountains of garbage on the one hand and government programs aimed at separating and recycling garbage and restoring the ecosystem on the other. The authorities and charitable foundations conduct educational programs for the population. The garbage and drought problem in India will soon disappear. India and China are world leaders in reforestation.

In 2019, I volunteered at an eco-farm in Catalonia. According to my project, other volunteers and I completely restored the eroded hillside. From bare stone to stable ground cover, we created a watergathering landscape. Now this place is a garden. There I got the idea to help people around the world improve the environment around them.

Further Italy, Holland, Montenegro, Russia, Georgia. I was promoted my projects and collected the experience of individual households and entire communities that live in close interaction with nature. In the process, the company got a website and qualified specialists in various fields. Builders, botanists, dendrologists, designers, programmers.

I stopped dreaming of changing the world… and began to change it for the better here and now, with my own hands and ideas. The company’s ambitions extend to the entire planet. We want to green deserts and create national parks. Develop alternative energy and passive technologies. Build sustainable communities and promote the local economy. Restoring forests and creating new ones is the key to the sustainable existence of human civilization and climate stabilization on the entire planet. Working with us, you do not just get a beautiful and efficient living space, but invest in the restoration of our planet. Let’s change the world for the better together!

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