Glamping Tago in Ajarian mountains. Georgia.

Glamping Tago is a wonderful place in the Ajarian mountains. Fresh air, incredible nature, and the tastiest veggie kitchen in the region. It’s located on the top of the hill almost in the naked place. In our project, we need to provide shadow, a windbreaker system, evergreen, and edible biodiversity. We delimit tents with green screens which can also be windbreakers and some of them edible. They can absorb sounds and make more visual privacy. In the space between tents, we plant fruit trees to create shadow and a more eco edible environment. We make evergreen accents on the main viewpoints and plant Christmas trees in order to have a possibility to decorate it with lights. It’s good to have fresh and healthy local herbs for infusion, so we create a rocky bed with local aromatic and medicinal plants. In this way, we create a sustainable forestgarden that can provide shadow, food, and medicine to the glamping community.

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